Andrew McKeough

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By Email

[email protected]

[email protected]

By Phone

(484) 580-9271

Andrew McKeough’s Executive Staff:

Chief of Staff

Robert Gibbs

Agent and General Manager

Leon Mankowski

Press Secretary

Jay Carney

Deputy Press Secretary

Allan Hornblum

Special Assistant and Personal Aide to Andrew McKeough

Katelyn Johnson

Personal Secretary

Maura Riley

Director of Scheduling and Advance

Janice Sylvester

Director of Tour, Performance, Travel and Event Booking

Linda Dowling

Special Assistant for Speechwriting

Bill Finney

Secretary for Foreign Affairs and International Travel

Géraldine Fréry

Special Agent In-Charge of Secret Service Security Detail

SA Stephen Konyk

Vocal Coach

Jennie Eisenhower

Representation Information
Record Label: AMP Recording
Record Label: Walt Disney RECORDS
By Mail: Walt Disney Records, Burbank California 91521