Andrew McKeough

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Andrew McKeough: A Brief Biography

Andrew McKeough was born Andrew Kirill McKeough, (after the Saint, Disciple, and Apostle named Andrew), on Friday, July 26th, 1996 at 01:23 AM EST, in Irkutsk, Russia to Professor (Villanova University) Charles McKeough and Mrs. Marylou McKeough. Andrew’s parents nicknamed him Andy. Andrew was raised, and currently resides, in Wayne, Pennsylvania; right outside of Philadelphia, and just around the corner from Valley Forge National Historical Park.

The first show that Andrew saw was Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ at the Academy of Music in downtown Philadelphia. When Andrew entered the third grade in 2005, he joined Valley Forge Elementary School’s Children’s Choir, under the direction of Mrs. Patrice Bove. In the spring of 2006, at age nine, Andrew started to be an interpreter for Valley Forge National Historical Park. Andrew portrayed the character of Daniel Jackson, who was a young drummer boy in the continental army. Then in the fall of 2006, now age ten, Andrew was recommended to continue his role of Daniel Jackson in both Valley Forge, and a new location; historical Philadelphia. Andrew took the job with open arms! He continues interpreting in both Valley Forge and Philadelphia today.

In 2007 Andrew saw his first on-Broadway show, Disney’s ‘Mary Poppins’ at the New Amsterdam Theatre, at the age of ten. Once Andrew started getting more involved, with the theatre world, Andrew started to be coached in theatre by actress Annaleigh Ashford. To this day Ashford has remained close friends with the McKeough family. When Andrew was eleven, he and his family, made an appearance on the Steam Boat float in Universal Studio’s “2008 Mardi Gras Celebration Parade”.

Andrew moved up to Valley Forge Middle School and joined the school’s choir under the direction of Mrs. Anne Sprissler. Andrew remained in the choir until he graduated in 2011. In the summer of 2008, when Andrew was twelve, he starred in the children’s version of Disney’s ‘High School Musical: On Stage!’ He starred as the ever popular Troy Bolton, at the Episcopal Academy Theatre. Andrew went on to see his second on-Broadway show; Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ at The Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, at the age of twelve, during the winter of 2008.

In 2009, Andrew starred as the Head Chéf in ‘Willy Wonka and The Great Glass Elevator’ at the Valley Forge Playhouse, in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Andrew then started to play the violin in the VFMS Orchestra, in the sixth grade, at the age of twelve. Later that year, Andrew started to play the Handbells, and was selected for the choir’s “Select Bell Choir” called The Carillon Bell Choir. Andrew remained in the group for the last two years of his middle school career until he graduated in June of 2011. Later in the summer of 2009, at the age of thirteen, Andrew returned to the Willy Wonka series starring as Charlie Bucket in ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’, at the Mainstage Theatre on the New Episcopal Academy Campus, during the new school’s inaugural opening season. Andrew was selected for the “Select Singing Choir” at Valley Forge Middle School named The Valley Forge Singers (V.F.S.). Andrew remained in the group for the last two years of his middle school career until he graduated in June of 2011. Andrew performed with the group twice in the Choir Music Festival: ‘Music in the Parks’ in Hershey, PA and was with the V.F.S. when they won a first place victory in 2010 and a second place victory in 2011.

Andrew went on to be the Head Butler in the Rodgers and Hammerstein’s classic musical ‘Cinderella’, playing again at the Valley Forge Playhouse, at the age of thirteen, during the spring of 2009. In November of 2009, Andrew was confirmed in the Catholic Church as Andrew Kirill ‘Stephen’ McKeough, taking the Confirmation name of Stephen. In June of 2010, at age thirteen, Andrew started interpreting in Colonial Williamsburg, portraying the character of John Carter, an upper class boy from a British family. Andrew still continues to interpret, as a Junior Interpreter, in Williamsburg, Valley Forge, and Philadelphia. When he was fourteen, in the summer of 2010, he had the opportunity to see the classic show of Disney’s ‘The Lion King’, which was on tour, at the Academy of Music, in Philadelphia. During the summer of 2011, Andrew, while touring Canada, Andrew had the chance to catch the musical ‘Billy Elliot’ at the Canon Theatre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

In the fall of 2011, now at the age of fifteen, Andrew entered Conestoga High School. He joined the choir under the direction of Mrs. Suzanne Dickinger, and the Handbell choir, under the Direction of longtime friend and colleague Mr. Chason Goldfinger. During the year he started to play the piano. Over Thanksgiving 2011, Andrew played the piano and harpsichord at Colonial Williamsburg, in Williamsburg, Virginia. There he met professional piano player Robert Hodge. To this day, McKeough and Hodge have remained good family friends. In December of 2011, Andrew was lucky to work with Sutton Foster and the cast of ‘Anything Goes’ on Broadway.

In 2012, at the age of fifteen; Andrew worked on ‘Stoga Music Theatre’s production of ‘TITANIC – The Musical’ at the Hobson C. Wagner Memorial Theatre during the R.M.S. Titanic’s: 100th Year Anniversary. Andrew acted as the shows historian. The part landed him with what was to be one of the highlights of his career. Andrew was nominated for three Cappie Awards for his part in the musical.

In the spring, Andrew got the opportunity to work with Matthew Broderick, Kelli O'Hara, and the cast of ‘Nice Work if You Can Get It’ on Broadway. Before the summer started, Andrew started to take vocal, acting, audition, and dance lessons by actress and director Jennie Eisenhower. McKeough and Eisenhower families remain good family friends to this day.

During the summer of 2012, Andrew departed on a three week tour of Europe with ‘The American Music Abroad Bronze Tour 2012’. The tour would take Andrew to Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, and then back to Switzerland. Once Andrew turned sixteen, in July of 2012, Andrew got his Drivers Permit in the state of Pennsylvania.

During his sophomore year at Conestoga, Andrew worked with the cast of the Tony Award winning best musical ‘Once’ on Broadway. Andrew also became a member of the sound crew on ‘Stoga Music Theatre’s production of Pride and Prejudice during the fall of 2012. During his 2012-2013 United States Tour, Andrew made stops in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Washington, D.C.; Williamsburg, Virginia; Orlando, Florida; including an international stop in Cancún, México; and many other locations! While in Williamsburg, Virginia, Andrew once again played the piano and harpsichord in Colonial Williamsburg. When in Florida, Andrew concluded a tour in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, with the Conestoga Music Department, during the winter of 2012. The performance included Jodi Benson (voice of Ariel in The Little Mermaid movies) narrating the Story of Christmas in ‘The 2012 Candlelight Processional’, with the Conestoga Choirs, and was under the conduction of Dr. John V. Sinclair.

In January of 2013, Andrew became one of the first in his class to get his Junior Driver’s Licenses in the State of Pennsylvania. In the spring of 2013, Andrew competed in the Chester County Regional National History Day Competition at Immaculata University. Andrew, playing, the character that he is known for in Colonial Williamsburg, John Carter, went on to take First Place in the competition and moved on to the State Competition Rounds. The State Competition was held in May of 2013. Andrew gave a stellar performance but did not win a final place in the State Competition. But even know he did not win he was awarded with a new title; “Best Junior Colonial Interpreter in Pennsylvania!”

Andrew returned again as a sound crewman during ‘Stoga Music Theatre’s production of ‘The Pajama Game’, which premiered on February 27th, 2013 at the Hobson C. Wagner Memorial Theatre. On Saturday, April 6th, 2013, during one of Andrew’s regular trips to Broadway, Andrew went to see the musical ‘Kinky Boots’. During his viewing of the musical he recognized one of the actresses. The actress was Annaleigh Ashford, who originated the lead role of Lauren in ‘Kinky Boots’. Coincidentally Anna was Andrew’s former theater coach, which helped him become who he is today. After the show he made contact with Anna; and is proud that he, and his family, visited New York, in May of 2013, to see ‘Kinky Boots’ again. Andrew also had lunch and a private backstage tour with Anna.

Saturday, April 6th, 2013, also marked a life changing date for Andrew. It was the day that he met a girl named Charlotte Duffie-Fritz, who, while Andrew was filming a short documentary about his trip in New York, was caught goofing off on camera. Charlotte and Andrew thought it was extremely funny and put the video on YouTube. Andrew gave it the name; ‘The New York Psycho’; and a star was born!

In late May of 2013, Andrew and Charlotte decided to start making the ‘New York Psycho’ more than just a one-time thing. In May of 2013, Andrew started work on ‘The New York Psycho’. The show took off! In late May of 2013 it was announced that Andrew would star as the infamous Harry Potter in ‘Harry Potter and the New York Psycho’. Filming began in early June. Then in September of 2013, now in his Junior year of high school, Andrew continued filming ‘The New York Psycho’ series, starring as Alfred Pennyworth in The New York Psycho Rises. A Batman themed spoof. McKeough would go on to play other roles in the ‘New York Psycho’ series including Cato from ‘The Hunger Games’ and Rick Grimes in ‘The Walking Dead’ as well as other characters in the series.

In the late summer to early winter of 2013, Andrew was a Manager with the “Conestoga Marching Pioneer Band” during their 2013 Marching Season. Andrew traveled with the band to Cavalcades in Springfield and Hershey, Pennsylvania. Andrew’s most important Cavalcade was one close to home, in Berwyn, Pennsylvania; when the Marching Pioneers hosted their 4th Annual ‘‘Stoga Showcase of Sound, A Cavalcade of Bands’ on their home turf on Teamer Field at Conestoga High School. In addition to serving as a Band Manager, Andrew was the Personal Assistant to the Supervising Director of the Event. Then in late November 2013, Andrew was cast on as a special assistant to oversee the transition between sound designers for ‘Stoga Theatre during their winter production of ‘Father of the Bride’.

On November 16th, ‘Harry Potter and the New York Psycho’ had it’s World and Main Line premieres in Strafford, Pennsylvania, to an over excited audience! Andrew walked the Red Carpet, gave speeches throughout the premiere, talked about how it was to play Harry Potter on the Gala Red Carpet, and attended the formal Gala Party in the end. He also starred in the pilots of ‘Grace on the Red Carpet’ and ‘nick&[email protected], both of which are AKSM Film Studios productions. As for the 2014 Broadway season, he worked with the cast of ‘Rocky’ on Broadway.

In December 2013 it was announced that Andrew would be playing the role of Kallani in ‘Lailani: A Hawaiian Cinderella’. Kallani would be the father to Lailani, the Cinderella based character. After its premiere at the Hobson C. Wagner Memorial Theatre in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, the show, and Andrew, went on the road through January 2014. Then in January of 2014 it was announced that Andrew would be a part of the pre-production team for ‘Stoga Theatre’s Spring Season production of ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’; but that wouldn’t be returning to be a part of the actual production. Instead it was announced that he would return to the Valley Forge Playhouse and was hired as assistant director for the Valley Forge Playhouse’s Spring Production of ‘The Wizard of Oz’. With a lot riding on the show, it opened in late March to amazing reviews. It was Andrew’s first directing position on a show.

In February of 2014, he then went on to start filming on ‘The Hunger Games vs. The New York Psycho’. Which was a ‘Hunger Games’ themed parody. In early March of 2014 it was announced that Andrew would be taking Psycho Films co-star Samantha Hoppe to Conestoga High School’s 2014 Junior Prom in May of 2014.

On March 7th, Andrew competed in the Southeastern Pennsylvania Regional National History Day, and went on to, once again, and for the second year in a row, take First Place in the Individual Performance category. Andrew proceeded to the State Competition Round in Pennsylvania’s National History Day at Millersville University. This was the second year that he advanced to the State Competition. The State Competition judging began on Monday, May 12th, 2014, and at approximately 09:30 PM it was announced that Andrew, for the second year in a row, would, unfortunately, not be advancing to the State Competition’s Runoffs. But Andrew’s title from the previous year, “Best Junior Colonial Interpreter in Pennsylvania,” was re-awarded to Andrew on Tuesday, May 13th, 2014.

In April 2014, over Easter break, or spring break, Andrew performed a concert entitled ‘Rock this Way!’ at Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico. In early May of 2014, Andrew starred as Shakespeare in the ‘Stoga Theatre production of ‘The Bachelor: Shakespeare’, it was a spoof on the famous Bachelor television show. On May 10th, 2014, Andrew and, ‘New York Psycho’ co-star, Samantha Hoppe attended the 2014 Conestoga Junior Prom together.

On May 22nd, 2014 he hosted the 2014 VFMS Spring Music Concert. The concert was being held in honor of long-time music teacher Anne Sprissler, who announced in April 2014 that she would retire from her teaching position. The concert was held as a goodbye to the famed teacher, who Andrew had been taught by during his middle school years. Andrew gave a speech and shared moments of his time under the direction of Sprissler with the audience. On May 28th, 2014; ‘A Psycho Library Special’ premiered at the Conestoga High School Library. Andrew joined the rest of the ‘New York Psycho’ cast as they toured the library and taught incoming students about the school. The video was contracted by the high school and will be used in the future for orientations for new students. Then, on the next day, May 29th, 2014; Andrew held a workshop in conjunction with the ‘Stoga Advanced Theatre Class at New Eagle Elementary School. Andrew and the others taught third graders about Chester County history. Some students participated in one of four mini-plays while others worked on improv games. Andrew, with the help of ‘New York Psycho’ co-star Charlotte Duffie-Fritz, wrote, directed, and taught the students about Samuel Barber.

On Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014 Andrew was featured on ‘Good Morning America!’ (GMA) as a part of their “#startmydayGMA” campaign. On June7th, 2014 Andrew attended the dance recital of New York Psycho co-star Samantha Hoppe. On the 8th Andrew, and the rest of the Harry Potter and the New York Psycho cast and crew took the day to reunite and celebrate the one year anniversary of the filming of the film.

From June 17th to June 20th, 2014, Andrew McKeough participated in the VIP Preview Opening of the London and Diagon Alley sections of “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Andrew got to relive the most famous moments from the movies, and even got to take a ride on the famed Hogwarts Express.

On Tuesday, June 24th, 2014 Andrew started rehearsals and recording sessions for the ‘2014 American Music Abroad Bronze Tour’, which were held in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. On Thursday the 26th, the tour officially premiered with a gala dinner and ended with the only US Concert in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The next day, on the 27th, Andrew departed the United States for Italy with the rest of the tour. On Saturday, June 29th Andrew celebrated Saint Peter and Paul’s Day, with Pope Francis, at the Vatican in Rome. The tour would then include many other stops in the USA, Italy, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

In early April of 2014, Andrew officially announced that he would once again be returning to ‘American Music Abroad’ to perform in their 2014 Bronze Tour. The tour included stops in the USA, Italy, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

During his ‘2014 Stars and Stripes Tour’, Andy made stops in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Washington, D.C.; Williamsburg, Virginia; Orlando, Florida; including an international stop in Cancún, México; and many other locations! While in Williamsburg, Virginia, Andrew once again played the piano and harpsichord at different locations in Colonial Williamsburg.

In early May of 2014 it was announced that Andrew would be returning to Walt Disney World, in Orlando, Florida, to tour with the Conestoga Music Department, during the winter of 2014. He sang in the 2014 Candlelight Processional at Disney’s Epcot. The performance included Jonathan Groff (voice of Kristoff in ‘Frozen’) narrating the Story of Christmas in ‘The 2014 Candlelight Processional’, with the Conestoga Choirs, and was under the conduction of Dr. John V. Sinclair. Andrew even was included in different Disney parades and the ‘2014 Disney Christmas Day Parade’. Andrew took a day to go to Universal Studios and performed a concert in CityWalk.

Part of Andrew’s tour to Orlando also included a visit to Universal Orlando Resort’s “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” (2013). Andrew, along with other members of the cast of ‘Harry Potter and the New York Psycho’, visited the newly launched London/Diagon Alley section in Universal Studios. They boarded the Hogwarts Express and traveled to Hogsmeade and visited Hogwarts in Universal’s Islands of Adventure. The trip was the highlight of the year and of season three of ‘The New York Psycho’! The other cast members attending this portion of the tour were David Nice (Ron), Noah Berkowitz (Voldemort), Rose Kantorczyk (Bellatrix) and Laura Susanne Stockler (Narcissa Malfoy). Andrew has visited, and been a special guest VIP at the Wizarding World four times, and attended the VIP Opening of London and Diagon Alley which was in late June of 2014.

During the year Andrew worked with ‘Stoga Theatre for their season. The 2014-2015 show season included ‘Dracula’ and Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Andrew’s friend Michael Godfrey starred as both Dracula and the Beast in the two productions. This season even saw the change of directors at ‘Stoga Theatre from Nicole Gerenyi to Natalie Gaspari.

Throughout his senior year of high school, Andrew got numerous offers from colleges and universities from around the world. They included, Villanova University (Radnor, Pennsylvania, USA), Saint Andrew’s University (Saint Andrew’s, Fife, Scotland), The College of William and Mary (Williamsburg, Virginia, USA) as well as Ursinus College (Collegeville, Pennsylvania, USA). In the end, Andrew stated that it was a hard choice between Villanova and Saint Andrew’s and that he would choose Villanova University “[...] to be closer to [his] family, and friends as well as the reputation that Villanova has for their excellence in a catholic education [...]”.

Andrew also starred in a new AKSM drama television series directed by Melanie Dernoga called ‘Conestoga’. The show was about a bunch of high school kids and their experiences in high school. Andrew played the very shy Emmett Crosby. During the year Andrew also was in the AKSM feature remake of ‘The Lovely Bones’. Andrew played the part of Samuel Heckler. Before graduating from Conestoga High School, he attended his senior prom at the Phoenixville Foundry on April 10th, 2015 with close friend, Sarah Kirkpatrick. The occasion was marked by a series of events streaming the entire length of the day. From a morning photoshoot to a pre-party, a motorcade to the event and an after-party to close out the night’s events!

Andy started to take classes at Villanova University during the summer of 2015 to get a head start for his fall semester. After four years at Conestoga Senior High School, it was time to say goodbye. Andrew graduated with honors at Villanova University on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015.

During the summer of 2015, Andy once-again departed on a three week tour of Europe with ‘The American Music Abroad Bronze Tour 2015’. The tour would take Andrew to Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Italy and then back to Switzerland. But due to a back injury suffered before the trip, Andrew suspended the rest of his summer activities and spent the rest of it recovering in Ocean City, New Jersey. At the end of the August Andrew returned to the Main Line to start school at Villanova University. Due to his back injury he could only attend part of the three day award winning “New Student Orientation”. Andy started school later that week.

In September of 2015 Andy stepped back into the spotlight during the 2015 Papal Visit of Washington, DC; New York City, New York and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania all culminating with “The 9th World Meeting of Families” held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In preparation for the Papal Visit, Andy went on ‘The TODAY Show’ and talked with Maria Shriver about what the visit means and how Pope Francis is the “People’s Pope”. In late September it was also announced that Andrew would become the Stage Manager at Villanova’s Theatre company. Andrew’s first show was Martin McDonagh’s ‘The Pillowman’, which premiered in November of 2015.

In October of 2015, Andrew McKeough was accompanied by close friend, Sarah Kirkpatrick to the 2015 Liberty Medal in Philadelphia honoring the Dalai Lama at the National Constitution Center.

During the Winter and early Spring months, Andrew also made a handful of cameo appearances in different television shows including, 'TURN: Washington's Spies' (AMC - played his role of John Carter and filmed in Colonial Williamsburg), ‘Younger’ (TV Land - which he returned to performing with Sutton Foster), ‘Life In Pieces’ (CBS), ‘Code Black’ (CBS), and others! Throught the Fall and Spring, Andrew also helped launch Jackie Evancho’s new music videos and singles which are to be featured on a new pop centered album which is set to be dropped in the Summer of 2016. In February of 2016, Andrew returned to the Villanova stage for their Spring production of ‘It Runs in the Family’. Andrew returned as a lighting and sound designer alongside technical director
Timothy Kokotajlo.

In mid-February of 2016, it was announced that Andrew would be making two trips in the Spring including one International State Visit back to Cancun, Mexico and the second would be a relaxing vacation with close friend, Ashden Personius to Winchester, Virginia for the 2016 Easter holiday. It was also announced that Andrew would be hosting a series of events at Villanova surrounding the 2016 Presidential Election and Inauguration - which Andrew is expected to attend - including an exhibit called ‘The Presidential Experience’ as well as moderating a panel discussion series all set to start in October of 2016. Another tour was announced to premiere in July of 2016 in Strafford, Pennsylvania called ‘Harry Potter: A Journey through Film’ which will include props, costumes and pieces of film memorabilia from the set of ‘Harry Potter and the New York Psycho’. Both tours were be produced by AKSM, Inc. company AKSM Touring, LLC.

April 4th, 2016 marked a special day for Andrew. It was the day that the Villanova University Men’s Wildcat Basketball team won the 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship in Houston, Texas with a buzzer-beater shot. This event set off a series of other events and celebratory activities that Andrew would participate in throughout the next weeks. Andrew was front and center with close-friends Ashden Personius and Lauren Kirkpatrick when the Wildcats’ returned home to Villanova. Andrew, along with close-friend Ashden Personius, traveled with the team down Market Street to City Hall at Dilworth Plaza in Philadelphia for a ceremony during the Championship Parade on April 8th, 2016.

On April 15th, 2016 it was officially announced that Andrew was dating close-friend Ashden Personius since March 19th, 2016. The couple confirmed their relationship that day on different forms of social media. In a statement, Andrew said that, “[it] was a long time coming and that things just fell perfectly into place at one point [...].”

Later in April of 2016, Andrew and Ashden helped bring in the 2016 Spring Concert featuring the alternative bands Jukebox the Ghost and X Ambassadors. The concert took place in front of Dougherty Hall on Villanova’s Kennedy Ellipse. Twin sisters and close-friends of McKeough’s, Lauren and Sarah Kirkpatrick were McKeough and Personius’ special invited guests for the evening. Attend all day events they got to meet the bands and play video games with them, listen to their soundchecks as well as attend a special VIP meet and greet after the concert. The day also included a picnic in celebration of Villanova’s 2016 “Spring Out” celebration.

On May 20th, Andrew attend close-friend Sarah Kirkpatrick's senior prom with her twin sister Lauren Kirkpatrick, Lauren’s boyfriend as well as the rest of the Upper Merion Senior Class of 2016 at Drexelbrook.

On May 31st, 2016, Andrew along with girlfriend Ashden Personius traveled to the White House in Washington, DC to see President Barack Obama congratulate the Villanova Men’s Basketball team on their NCAA Championship win and welcome them to the White House. The day’s events included a tour of the White House and West Wing as well as a ceremony that filled the East Room ending with a press conference at the West Wing and concluding with dinner. This day would cap-off and end about two months of celebratory events for McKeough, Personius and the team.

In June of 2016, AKSM Touring LLC announced that Andrew would be launching a new tour entitled, “The Best of AKSM” in August of 2016. The tour will feature Andrew as well as a group of other AKSM performers who will tour and perform at each concert with Andrew. In June, McKeough also attended Villanova’s ‘Reunion 2016!’ weekend. This celebratory weekend started from Thursday the 9th through Sunday the 12th of June. It included many events including lunches, dinners and award ceremonies for Villanova’s graduated classes ending with a 6 or a 1 and was the 50th reunion for the class of 1966.

Then, in July of 2016, Andrew helped open a new expo tour by AKSM Touring LLC entitled; ‘Harry Potter: A Journey Through Film’ in Strafford, Pennsylvania called which will include props, costumes and pieces of film memorabilia from the set of ‘Harry Potter and the New York Psycho’. The expo lasted through the month of July and included weekly showings of every single ‘Harry Potter’ movie. Andrew, along with other cast members made celebrity guest appearances at the different film screenings to introduce the film to it’s audience. The expo all culminated on July 20th with a gala party in the fashion of a Yule Ball. The gala was attended by McKeough and Personius as well as other cast members and performing arts friends from ‘Stoga Theatre’s classes of 2012 through 2018. In honor of McKeough’s 20th birthday, McKeough and Personius along with a small group of other close-friends took a private day trip to Ocean City in New Jersey on July 25th. On July 27th, after celebrating his birthday on the 26th, McKeough and Personius returned to Winchester, Virginia for a two week private holiday before returning to Villanova in August of 2016.  McKeough and Personius returned to school on  August 24th, 2016. The day marked the beginning of classes for McKeough’s sophomore year and Personius’ junior year.

What is Andrew doing now?

Andrew is currently nineteen years old and is now in the first semester of his sophomore year of college, attending Villanova University, located in Radnor, Pennsylvania. Andrew majors in communication (media production and PR) and political science with music and theatre arts as minors; all while pursuing his love of the theatre and film at ‘Nova! Andrew also is taking vocal, acting, audition, and dance lessons by actress and director Jennie Eisenhower. Andrew continues to star in Colonial Williamsburg’s ‘Electronic Field Trips’ (ETFs). Andrew will resume filming on the series in March through November of 2016. Andrew is also the assistant director at his hometown theatre The Valley Forge Playhouse, located in Wayne, Pennsylvania and stage manager of the theatre at Villanova. Andrew made his return to touring after a year break with a new tour entitled, “The Best of AKSM” which launched in August of 2016!


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